HO Layout

The HO layout has been under construction, refinement and operation for more than 25 years. The layout features five major divisions. Scenic location is mountainous with structures from the late 1940's through the 1950's.

The HO layout features the prototype San Diego & Arizona Eastern from San Diego's Union Station travelling South to Tijuana and through Mexico, recrossing into the United States at Campo/Tecate. The line continues into the spectacular Carriso Gorge, down into Imperial County past Plaster City, and ending at El Centro. A 3-ft narrow gauge line from Plaster City to a gypsum mine is also loosely modeled. Finally, the Branch Line running East from San Diego to El Cajon (and at one time Foster) is modeled with trolley and branch line service. Although most of the trackwork and basic scenery is completed, upgrades and detailing continue.

While a full DCC system (NCE) has been installed on the layout, many members are still fond of their DC-only equipment. Each crew has the opportunity to operate in either scenario.

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