Navigation Hints.

Various navigation techniques are used in the San Diego Model Railroad Association website. Many sections require that pop-up pages be enabled in your browser. A great deal of care has been taken to allow visitors to our site to use whatever browser and version they prefer, but some features work better on some browsers than others. If you got this far, your browser will, for the most part, work throughout your visit to our website.

The following navigation techniques are used:

Navigating back out of an area can be confusing, since different browsers behave differently to pop-ups. In many cases, a "back" button becomes active. Clicking on this takes you to the page you navigated away from. If the "back" button is grayed out, try closing the pop-up window. Your previous page should still be there underneath. Certain browsers will ask "close this tab only" and "close all tabs". Closing all tabs will exit the website, while closing "this tab only" will reveal the previous underlying page.

At this point you will get a chance to test your navigation skills. Go back to the original title page with your "back" button, or whatever method your particular browser might employ.