O-Scale Layout

The O-Scale layout has been under construction, refinement and operation for more than 25 years. The layout consists of 3 independent loops, a downtown trolley section, an On3 narrow gauge, and a single track mountain division (high-line) with automatic loops at each end. Scenic location is based on an imaginary line from San Diego to Sacramento, California.

A hidden storage yard holds equipment owned by the SDMRRA and operated during the week by O-Scale Operators. Although most of the trackwork and basic scenery is completed, upgrades and detailing continue.

O-Scale takes a lot of room. A minimum radius of 72 inches limits scenery options, but most of the track work is easily seen by the viewing public. The majority of the operating trolley is right up against the glass.

While a full DCC system (NCE) has been installed on the O-Scale layout including wireless cabs, many members are still fond of their DC-only equipment. Operations in either scenario are possible.

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