Projects and Work Assignments

Projects - The following layout work areas are currently in progress or starting soon:

Engine Facility Area Switch machine tune-ups, Ballast , Detail work. Charles McGill, Ed Carey
Downtown Trolley Loop Rework street trackage in the following areas:
  • Along Kettner Blvd (street alignment still undetermined)
  • Pave on Broadway in front of Union Station
Charles McGill, Ed Carey, Brian Satterlee,

Other volunteers needed

Seeley Rebuild Continue to rebuild scenery Pat Weishan
Drive-In Make drive-in speakers not removable from stanchion. Install in public aisle. Wire into DVD player Ed Carey, Ken Bowers,

Other volunteers needed

Campo Auxilliary Control Panel Finish trunk wiring, install push-button switches and LEDs, and wire into trunks at both ends. Retrofit Campo main panel as necessary. Brian Satterlee, Tom Utschig

(Awaiting receipt of more push-buttons for completion)

Police Station Preliminary design is underway to fit as much of the old SD Police Station into the available footprint. Once detailed drawings are complete, construction of the structure will begin off-site.. Brian Viets,

Other volunteers needed for research.

CTC board Remove everything from dispatcher room, rebuild desk and install CTC framework. Panels will be constructed, drilled, and silk screened prior to installation.

Electrical component installation on the CTC board will be accomplished first, then sections of the layout will gradually be cut over. This project is linked to the detector project listed below.

Brian Satterlee, Ken Bowers, Ed Carey, Earl Grad
Track Detection Research a better detector design and test a prototype. Stuff circuit boards, build power supplies, rework common rail wiring and install detection diodes. Mount banks of detectors at location TBD. LONG TERM PROJECT

Volunteers needed for all phases.

Opportunities - The following layout projects need volunteers:

Downtown Blocks Structures for each downtown block, block assembly, lift mechanism Structure builders. Each block must be worked on as a team of 3-4 modelers to build a complete block. The Vice President/General Manager is assigned the task of coordination and design of each block, including consideration of track access once complete blocks are installed.
General Cleanup

(continuing work)

Organize stored materials (wood, plaster, etc) under the layout, clean dust and dirt from floor, dump trash. Anyone wishing to participate and contribute to the safety and improved appearance of our association.
New Projects Do you have ideas of your own? If you are interested in participating in any of the activities listed or would like to initiate others, please contact our VP/GM, Mitch Alderman during club meeting nights.

Additions and/or corrections? Notify the Association board if you have a current project or wish to create a project and have it listed here. VOLUNTEERS ARE NEEDED for work assignments.

Many small projects such as scenery and structure detailing, are ongoing. This web page is intended to remind members of large or long term projects, and list principal members working on each project.

This page is always under construction.

     Project list last updated: 14 February 2013