These standards apply to the San Diego Model Railroad Association HO exhibit.
Standards for the O-scale exhibit are still under development.

Table of Contents

I.  Initial Pre-construction Standards

II. General

     A. Scale.
     B. Prototype Portions Modelled.
     C. Functional Concept.
     D. Structures.
     E. Member Equipment.
     F. Operations.

III. Equipment

     A. Motive Power
     B. Rolling Stock
     C. Consist/Unit Trains
     D. Load Requirements
     E. Couplers
     F. Trucks and Wheelsets
     G. Rolling Resistance
     H. Weight
     I. Appearance
     J. Detection Requirements
     K. Lighting

IV. Trackwork

     A. General Trackwork
     B. Clearances
     C. Rail
     D. Rail Joiners
     E. Turnouts
     F. Ballast

V. Electrical / Electronics

     A. Wire Size - AWG
     B. Wire Termination
     C. Terminal Strips
     D. Power Supplies
     E. Trolley Considerations
     F. Building Lighting

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Last  update: 31 July 2009