San Diego Model Railroad Association Photo Preview

SAN DIEGO Division

Track side of Santa Fe Union StationPlatform detail on Santa Fe Union Station modelSanta Fe Union Station courtyard detailSanta Fe Union Station dome detailThrough arch to B st - Santa Fe Union StationUnion Station Express Track - NW Corner

Work crew along Rose Canyon mainlineHobo Camp Somewhere in Rose CanyonMaking out by Miramar Branch cutoffLindberg Terminal Building on Pacific HighwayLindberg Terminal Entrance and rock plaque by flagpoleLindberg Terminal from gate area

Small Ryan Aircraft hanger at Lindberg FieldBoarding Passengers on PSA DC-3 AircraftPassengers Leaving Gate Area During BoardingSD&AE Engine Service ShedHarbor Drive Overpass Looking NorthHarbor Drive Overpass Looking West

View of Harbor Drive OverpassUnder Harbor Drive OverpassFreighter PiersideEmpty DrydockCleaning Tunaboat Hull in DrydockFerry Pier and Pile Driver

Quonsets in Centre CityAutodock Downtown San DiegoFront of Willard Battery PlantWillard Battery TracksideSchmidt's Gravel in South BayOtay River and Schmidt's Gravel

Hilltop Auto Wreakers overlooking San YsidroAT&SF National City DepotView Southward in National CitySan Ysidro DepotCosmic Kitchen and steel fabricationMolassas tanks, intermodal facility, and trolley underpass

CARRISO Division

Tijuana DepotJunkyard dog South of the BorderWelding Shop in Tijuana, MexicoTijuana produce marketTying the knot in Tijuana, MexicoNuns resting at Tijuana chapel

Blankets for sale in Tijuana, MexicoBridge over dry wash in Garcia, MexicoStuck TruckDepot at Vallé Redondo, MexicoStock pens near Vallé Redondo, MexicoBuildings at Vallé Redondo, Mexico

Arroyo Behind Brewery Company HousesCompany Houses at Tecate BreweryAdobe House RepairTecate Service StationTijuana Y Tecate TrestleHighway 94

Fire TowerFire Tower ViewCampo Creek ViaductCamp LockettView of the loop at Clover Flat and Campo CreekCampo Stock Pens Seen From Overhead

Stock Pens East of CampoPond after Spring RainstormWestbound Amtrak approaching Clover FlatFeed Mill at CampoBuzzard Canyon Bridge and Dual Gauge Track at Nada GrandeGoat Canyon trestle

Panoramic view of Goat CanyonWater Tower at Dos CabezasTaking Water at Dos Cabezas

EL CENTRO Division

Aerial View of Plaster City ProcessingGymsum Processing Complex at Plaster CityPlaster City DepotEvening at Plaster City DepotView Westward toward El Centro StationsValley Oil tanks at El Centro

Handlers Feed in El CentroHiway overpass at El CentroSide road in El CentroPump station at El CentroCo-op silo in El CentroAllied Farm Supplies in El Centro

Tio's Cantina in El CentroEl Centro Drive-In TheaterTransmission Troubles !Oasis Auto Park MotelFarm houses near El CentroEl Centro fields

Crop Duster Working El Centro FieldsCrop Duster Aircraft DetailsLush Crops near El CentroHarvesting at El CentroStrawberry PickersBreakdown at Produce Stand

Co-op SaleStreet to the Drive-InMain Street in El CentroRepairs to an El Centro churchExquisite Organ for El Centro ChurchOperating Wig-Wag at road by El Centro SD&A Depot

Rear of SD&A DepotFront of Depots in El CentroFront of SD&A DepotRear of SP Depot

Close-up of SP DepotBenches outside Southern Pacific Depot in El CentroPalm tree at Southern Pacific Depot in El CentroNew Stock Pens in El Centro

Branch Line

SD&AE yard and Trolley Barn control panelTrolley at EncantoSatterlee ButaneGas ReservoirSD&AE Engine HouseInterior of SD&AE Engine House

Porter Pickle Packing PlantBrine Tanks at Porter Pickle Packing PlantTrolley UnderpassFamily Fiesta

National Meat PackingSanta Fe Freight HouseSilvergate Power Plant Service TrackSilvergate Power Plant West SideBobs Salvage YardSunkist Packing Plant

Narrow Gauge

Vance Narrow Gauge YardStockyard at Vance on Narrow GaugeVance Narrow Gauge TurntableVance DepotLooking Toward Coyote WellsBurnt Ranch

Burnt Ranch DepotMain Street in Burnt RanchBurnt Ranch Cattle PensPulling FeedLime Siding on Narrow GaugeStockpens Near Lime Siding

Fish Creek TrestleOld Victory Mine

Miscellaneous Construction

Construction of Cima and rebuilding of JacumbaNew Jacumba Control PanelLa Mesa Mezzanine Construction (in progress)La Mesa Mezzanine Construction (2nd phase)Street Prep in Centre CityInside the Mountain

Trolley track work

Photographs from our visitors

Photos by: Mike Cahill

Abandoned Gas StationMeet at Plaster CityMexican Gas FacilityThe International Border FenceTanker SunsetBroken Tow Cable

Union Pacific Gas Turbine #73

Photos by: Louis Mehl

Plaster City Water TowerPlaster City Gypsum CrusherTwo Passenger Trains Meet at El CentroTruck 56 in the Middle of NowhereWater Tower at AljibeMeat Packer at National City

Road TrafficOld Junker CarsI Love Lucy BillboardValle Redondo detailsCantina at Valle RedondoFreight Offload in National City

Tijuana Y Tecate Trestle ViewTecate Brewery ViewFront of Silvergate Power Plant

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