Campo Depot

Campo Depot

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History -

The first depot after the SD&AE recrosses the border into the United States.

Depot description courtesy San Diego Railway Museum.

The Prototype -

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The San Diego and Arizona Railway reached Campo in 1916 with the first passenger train arriving at Campo depot on September 19th. Campo's train station was built about 1918 and was used for passenger service until 1951. Freight activity continued until line abandonment in the early 1980s. This woodframe structure looks more like a train station than almost any other in San Diego County, replete with the standard gold color, the county's only semaphore, and a name plate (Campo) atop the roof line. Campo was headquarters for a large staff of Customs and Immigration officers for many years, being just North of the Mexican border.

Building the model -

Although the San Diego Model Railroad Club has a depot in place on the layout at Campo, it does not resemble the actual structure. An accurate replica is planned in the future.

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Source: “The Railroad Stations of San Diego County: Then and Now” by James N. Price.
Historical Photo: San Diego Historical Society
Contemporary Photo: San Deigo Railway Museum