Jacumba Depot

Jacumba Depot

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Jacumba is located near the summit of the railroad. Although arid, the altitude allows trees and cooler temperature to be found.

The Prototype -

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Built in 1919, Jacumba's small stucco station looks more like a house than a train depot. It was used for passenger service until 1951, and for years later as a freight station.

Building the model -

Unfortunately, space is not available to model this quaint structure. The Jacumba control panel sits over the tracks (unseen by the viewing public). With the addition of Cima (a ficticious narrow gauge town across the operator aisle) it may be yet possible to build the Jacumba station, even if at a bogus location.

Source: “The Railroad Stations of San Diego County: Then and Now” by James N. Price.
Historical Photo: San Diego Historical Society