Valle Redondo Depot

Valle Redondo Depot

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Valle Redondo Depot History -

Valle Redondo (Spanish for "Round Valley") is a plain surrounded by steep mountains on three sides. The T&T (SD&AE) tracks double back on themselves several times gaining altitude as they head Eastward toward Tecate. The route through Mexico was chosen to take advantages of relatively flat terrain. Ahead on the United States side of the border it seems to be all tunnels and trestles.

The Prototype -

Photographs of the Valle Redondo depot are hard to come by. Research is still in progress.

Building the model -

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This structure bears a strong resemblence to the Capistrano, CA station. The architecture is similar, including the graceful dome. Stock pens (with a Mexican flavor) are one of the industries modeled in the Valle Redondo area.

This section is under construction, awaiting photographs of the prototype structure.