Tijuana Depot

Tijuana Depot

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History -

First stop in Mexico by the SD&AE (Ferrocarril de Tijuana Y Tecate). Here Mexican passengers were boarded for points East, but those without passports were unable to continue past Tecate.

The U.S. passenger traffic was mostly through to destinations East to El Centro, although large numbers of seasonal riders travelled from San Diego to Agua Caliente (health spa and race track) just South of Tijuana. The Tijuana depot's location right on the border (and across the fence from San Ysidro) make it a busy depot, historically and continuing today, for freight handling and customs inspections.

The Prototype -

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The original Tijuana station was built in 1912 by SD&A. The woodframe building on the Mexican side of the border had the classic train station appearance. A newer stucco building (pictured here) now occupies the site.

Building the model -

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The Tijuana station has been very accurately modeled by the San Diego Model Railroad Club. Border fencing has been installed, complete with chain link gates across (but open for operations) the main line. The stucco station is the version built for the layout.

Source: “The Railroad Stations of San Diego County: Then and Now” by James N. Price.
Historical Photo: San Diego Historical Society
Model Photo: Rob Hanson