SDMRRA Operations. Analog and DCC.


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Digital Command Control (DCC)

DCC Cab Address Registration (107K)

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Centralized Traffic Control System (CTC) Rules

Railroad Lantern and Hand Signals
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Family Radio Service Channels and Frequencies

FRS is a private, two-way, very short-distance voice communications service for facilitating family and group activities. FCC license is not required. Amtrak On-Board Service personnel will be using this system on some trains. Frequencies will be taken from the following authorized list, with no prior frequency assignment. Most scanners are capable of receiving these frequencies.

 Channel   Frequency   Channel   Frequency 
1 462.5625 8 467.5625
2 462.5875 9 467.5875
3 462.6125 10 467.6125
4 462.6375 11 467.6375
5 462.6625 12 467.6625
6 462.6875 13 467.6875
7 462.7125 14 467.7125

The new Radio Shack 14-channel radios use the FRS frequency list shown above. It is *NOT* compatible with the old Radio Shack and Maxon 5-channel radios!!

 Channel   Frequency 
A 49.830
B 49.845
C 49.860
D 49.875
E 49.890

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02 March 2013